We Know You Are Busy… So Here Is Our No-Nonsense Sales Pitch

  • A Serious Management Tool for Serious Managers
  • Improve Management Effectiveness
  • Improve Employee Productivity
  • Designed by Managers for Managers
  • Low Cost (as low as 10¢ a day)
  • Pay Only for the Time Used
  • Free 90-day Trial
  • No Credit Card or Obligation Required
  • Quit at Any Time Without Penalty
  • Works on All Platforms and Devices
  • Intuitive To Learn, Easy To Use

Bizgojo Description:

An intuitive app designed by business executives to help you manage your employees, their tasks, and duties to improve your organization’s productivity. Easily create, monitor, and collaborate on tasks and duties in real time.


Organize your subordinates and sub-subordinates to drill down through all employees in your chain-of-command to monitor and improve your organization’s effectiveness.


Functionality and screen appearance is identical on desktop, cell phone, or tablet platforms

Key Features:

It’s All About Knowledge & Communications


Invite unlimited subordinates in your chain-of-command.

Create and track unlimited tasks for your subordinates.

Assign multiple people to collaborate on important tasks.

Know when your subordinates are checked in to work and the tasks they are working on.

Know the location of your subordinates and sub-subordinates when they are checked in to work.

Know instantly the status of all tasks assigned by you or others in your chain-of-command.

Securely communicate on tasks in real time with task owners.

Keep track of your own and your subordinate’s work reports.

Keep track of time spent on tasks and projects by employee.

Send and receive notifications when tasks are accepted and completed.

Quick note pad reminder when time is short.

Set up and manage unlimited separate organizations.

Compatible with iOS, Android, and desktop computers.

Super easy to learn and use.

90-day free trial for you and your team. No credit card required.

Important Benefits:

Save Time: Easily and quickly assign tasks and duties and get real-time confirmation.


Increased Knowledge Base: Keep track of the status of all tasks in your chain-of-command.


Save Money: Reduce employee down time.


Improve Communications: Collaborate in real-time through secure texts.


Improved Productivity: Access time and task reports to measure and evaluate employee productivity.


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